LEADS is the most popular word in the world of Internet Marketing (IM). “Do you have leads yet? I totally lost my leads. I can not get any leads. Do you want more leads?” It seems to be all about leads – hot leads, warm leads, cold leads.
What are they actually?
LEADS are the tiny little string of interest someone show for what you have. Your job is to notice it and nurture it to a strong vibrant connection, relationship if you will with this someone. Your job is to know who is on the other side of this string, what is that he wants and what is on his way. That is the only way you will be able to be in the right place at the time with the right help that this person need

So what is LEADS? The leads are any type of contact information you can obtain about a person that had shown interest in what you have to offer. That could be email, phone number, website.



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