How to collect emails

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1 Opt-in #1: The Landing or Squeeze Page




A landing page can convert anywhere from 20-40% of visitors The landing page is so effective for one simple reason:

It isolates the call to action.

When your visitor is on your website, there’s a lot they can do. They can click your menu options, look at your slider, read your content, listen to your podcast…

When they land on a squeeze page, they have to make a decision. It’s a simple decision. The decision is: should I opt in, or not?

There are two ways you can make landing pages work for you.

  1. The first is to make your homepage a squeeze page, so that anybody who navigates to the main page of your site is given the option to subscribe.

Check out how Marie Forleo isolates her call to action by using a landing page on her homepage:

If you’d rather your audience land on your natural homepage rather than a squeeze page when they type in your URL, you can still harness the power of the landing page.

2. the second way is to use a landing page as a means of offering a content upgrade, webinar, or another compelling offer for your audience in exchange for their emails.

For example, the landing page I created for a content upgrade that I offered with a guest post for Freelancer’s Union converted at over 43%:

Whether you use a landing page as your homepage or simply redirect your traffic to one for a content upgrade, this is hands down one of the highest converting opt-in opportunities available.

How to Make This Work For You:

  • Boost your opt-ins like crazy by offering something for free. If your squeeze page is set as your homepage, offer something your general audience would find irresistible. If your squeeze page is paired with a piece of content, make sure your content upgrade is enticing.
  • Pay attention to the copy you use on your landing page. You don’t need to litter it with words. Simple is better.
  • Follow this guide to the perfect landing page. Use lines of sight, action colors, and compelling headlines to craft the perfect call to action.

Tools: Most themes have the option to set a landing page as your homepage built in. You can use a paid landing page program like Unbounce or Instapageto purchase landing page templates and integrate the program with your email service provider.



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