The In-Content Email Capture

Let’s say you were reading an article.You’re really into Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb Diet, and you’re reading about how it all works, but there’s one problem: you aren’t sure how to prepare any of the meals on the approved eating list.

You read on for a second, and lo and behold, there’s a call to action…

The website owner is giving away a free Slow Carb recipe eBook in exchange for your email. The perfect solution to your problem.

You’d definitely give up your email address for something that solves the problem you’re experiencing, right? That’s what makes the in-content opt-in so effective.

There are several places in your content you can put this type of call to action. For example, you can place an opt-in form at the end of your content in a signup form like Paul Jarvis:

In a blurb like Leo Babauta:

With a 2-step opt-in form like we do with almost all of our guides:

Or even in an in-content menu option at the beginning of your articles or podcast episodes:

We’ve done this a few times, for a cool 73% conversion rate:

Regardless of where you put the call to action within your content, you’ll find that this opt-in form will help you collect loads of emails.

How to Make This Work For You:


In content opt-ins are uber-effective, but they’re made even more effective with a two step opt-in. This is when you place a link, image or button in your content for the user to click, triggering a pop-up. Since your visitor is actually asking for the pop-up, they’re far more likely to convert.


Integrate the call to action in with the rest of the content seamlessly. You don’t want your call to action to interrupt the reader’s flow, but compliment it.


Pair this with a content upgrade specific to the piece of content. This will help the reader stay engaged with the content while also adding extra value.

  • Tools: For a two-step opt-in, set up a pop-up in List Builder, and make whichever image or text you choose a Click Trigger. Your email service provider should have embeddable forms if you want to include the form directly in your content.




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