In order to scale up, you have to set your businesses as a production line – is content marketing automatization system – connects with over 35 popular social networks – A better way to share on social media



Ian, you can see how I use it at…
I use for a couple of purposes and workflow looks like this:
– build resources archive on 6 topics; it’s also tag & keyword searchable; way better than bookmarking and visual
– search tool with many curation “experts”, some like Robin Good with 1.9 million+ pageviews
– sharing to cross-promote and cross-share via social media channels including Twitter, FB, Tumbler, my PR Coach blog & website; key part of Multichannel strategy
– micro blog and occasional newsletter
– embed API curation feed on my website

– 372.1K pageviews
– 208K visitors
– 16.8K scoops (posts)
– 210K reactions (engagement)

I hope that’s helpful Ian