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Here’s our six simple eCommerce tips to help you boost your conversion rates.

  1. Focus on conversions at checkout. Use a marketing tool that was created specifically to optimize conversions at checkout. We use ThriveCart, but you can also check out the more expensive alternative Samcart to compare available features.
  2. Analyze the performance of your website forms. If you have some forms on your e-commerce website such as order form or a contact form (and you certainly do), you need to analyze their performance. Use a tool like Hotjar to analyze how people interact with your forms and to understand things like user abandonment, user hesitation, and skipped fields so you can learn and improve.
  3. When someone is filling out a form on your website, you can automatically capture their email address before they hit submit. This is really useful if they have not paid for your product and abandoned after they entered the email address. You can then follow up with some relevant automated emails to help improve conversion.
  4. Build out your sales funnels with a tool like ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is an online service that allows you to create sales funnels complete with upsells, cross-sells, down-sells, etc.
  5. Create tailored offers in follow-up emails. SalesManago is a really smart marketing automation tool and here’s one of the reasons why. If a potential customer was checking out a certain product in your e-commerce store, this tool will include details of that product in a follow-up newsletter. This part of the newsletter is dynamically created based on how the users were interacting with the site.
  6. Building a mobile responsive website is not always the best way of generating high conversions. Quite often, a responsive page will have too much content that’s not laid out in the best possible way. Consider building a mobile compatible page focused on conversions on mobile devices.